Who: Lorna Jameson

What: Illustrator

Where: Oxford, UK

What inspires you? I am inspired by the world and get ideas everywhere! I have a huge list in my diary of very random thoughts I’ve had during the day, which always seem to find their way into my work.

Why do you do what you do? Since taking the plunge into freelancing I have found every day is different. I love the variety of projects I work on, the different clients I work with and being able to create something which brings together each other’s ideas and surpasses the brief.

Tell us a little bit about the #MadeOnFiverr we featured on Fiverr Discover: It was actually commissioned from Fiverr! I was asked to create a series of Holiday cards which users can download and share with loved ones.

Describe your style in a word: Fanciful.

What are your Fiverr goals?
I would love to branch out of illustration and get into packaging. I have always enjoyed seeing my illustrations on different surfaces!

Thanks Lorna!

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