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Who: Nic Coffman What: Designer Where: Portland, Oregon, USA What inspires you? Art is my main source of inspiration. I will always be attracted to beautiful design; typography, illustration, shape, form… but the sweet spot is to mix and blur the lines between them. Bringing a “feeling” into a design is what makes projects interesting…

Meet Designer Nic Coffman

Who: Luna Monogatari What: Illustrator/artist/designer Where: Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, but I’m currently based in London, United Kingdom. What inspires you? Anyone capable of creating their own unique universe. It doesn’t matter what type of art it is. Why do you do what you do? Because it makes me feel like my true self more…

Meet Illustrator Luna Monogatari

Who: Utkan Gunerkan What: Architect Where: Born in Turkey but living in Milan, Italy What inspires you? I am inspired by design styles from the ’60s and the ‘70s but am also obsessed with Scandinavian minimalism and how it interacts with my architectural language. Why do you do what you do? I got into visualization…

Meet Architect Utkan Gunerkan

Who: Holly Walsh / Holly the Illustrator What: Illustrator Where: UK, London What inspires you? People! I love drawing people. Why do you do what you do? Having a creative job that I love is a dream come true. I love delivering personal illustrations to my clients and hearing that they are happy with the final result….

Meet Illustrator Holly Walsh